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Inspired Clients

Inspired Clients 

When I met Carlayne, I was a bit closer to understanding what was 'missing', emotionally for me. I was already aware of the fact that I needed to take better care of myself, physically and emotionally. But she taught me something even more life-changing. She showed me all the things I needed to let go of.  All the things I've been carrying around on my shoulders all these years, all the guilt, all the insecurities - she made me face them. It was hard, it was work, it was emotional, but it was liberating. Because she instilled in me, realistic tools to use daily, to help keep my mind focused on what really matters. Me. What I need, for my own happiness. What I need to take care of my kids, my business, my relationships. The path she led me to, has literally shifted the tragectory of my life. I approach everything differently now, I see things differently, I handle things differently. I feel more complete, because I am. Because I understand myself better now, thanks to her. I needed to cross paths with her when I did, I was ready for her to show me, I was open to the painful discoveries, and was determined to make a change. When you are ready, I strongly encourage you to take that step towards a higher level of emotional awareness and let Carlayne show you how. 

Miranda Salvatore




When I began with Carlayne I had already been through a variety of therapies that spanned several years, and although I had made some progress I never felt like I had finally fully healed.  After chatting with Carlayne not only did I rebuild my entire foundation (which I am happy to work on daily and often get excited about) my life dramatically changed in many different ways and things I didn’t think were possible began to happen.  Her approach is realistic, practical and she relates to everyone’s experience on a deeply personal & highly compassionate level.  She is the “realest” person I have ever met and for that I am so grateful.  She uses anecdotes, empathy and often humour to drive home her principles and they are life changing.  

Keri Wolfenden




People talk about life transforming moments and mine was on a Sunday afternoon in April in a Girlfriend’s living room.  My life had lost its meaning, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my career. I had no joy doing what I was doing; I was stuck.  I was balling my eyes as I vented my troubles to a friend that happened to be there. She suggested I talk to this Life Coach that had transformed her life just recently and that’s when I got The Gift of Carlayne. 

As soon as I heard Carlayne’s voice on the phone, I felt at ease and completely confident that she would be able to help me get out of this rut.  And she did.  Within the first few sessions, I had already made a few decisions about my business and my career.  I started a self-discovery program that has helped me improve relationships with myself and the people around me. 

Carlayne has a gift and that is her amazing ability to Get Me. She has taught me about Self compassion, self-acceptance, self-respect and it has been an unbelievable ride… Today, I am on my way to fulfilling my dream of becoming a Motivational Public Speaker. I am learning everyday and I love my life.  Thank you Carlayne, My Angel, Thank you, Thank you.  

It is my turn to pass on the gift of Carlayne!

Dela Fotoohi


Experienced, knowledgeable, empathetic and a creative thinker, Carlayne also walks her talk and spontaneously relates relevant metaphors and stories from her own experiences to explain concepts and situations.

Looking back on the weeks of coaching with Carlayne, I am most struck by how subtly effective it was.  Beginning with the Deep Dive followed by weekly chats and personal explorations which worked so well for me by writing, I began to understand my “Emotional Pulse and Intelligence” and how my physical body was affected. 

With Carlayne’s guidance I moved from decades of doubt, fear and pain to a knowledge of self and purpose with the understanding that vulnerability is a gift that supports my creativity and future fulfillment.

In her role as a coach, Carlayne is not responsible for giving you solutions or answers but she has the skills and the compassion that I required to find my way with clarity.

Chris Marin



I didn't know I needed coaching but once I started I found my revenue tripled in just three weeks. I quickly learnt that mindset is not just important, it's everything for me. Carlayne helped to rebuild my confidence and gave me strategies to move forward. I appreciate Carlayne's sense of humor as well as her background and knowledge. She always made me feel heard and understood and I appreciate that in a coach.

Love You :)

Madeline DaSilva


Carlayne has a calm, energetic way about her that gets you to reconsider, reflect and focus forward.  She has many tools in her toolbox that if you use them can help you move along to whatever serves you in the moment. 

Carol Soo Durnie



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