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Why Worthy Widow?

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2017

I remember the day so clear about 2 months after my husband Mikes death I was sitting on the sofa where I had been spending most of my time since, I spent most days sitting in that spot just staring in to space sipping on wine, while the women and men in my life came and went steadily from my house, dropping off essentials, taking stock of the fridge and cupboards and checking on me and the kids individually. 

I spent those first couple of months unable to deal with TV or music of any kind, just content to sit and stare.  One of the things I spent most of my time staring at was our family portrait that had just been taken a few short months before.  I spent hours wondering how there now was one member of that family erased from this world, and yet life went on for everyone else.  I thought how could he have been ripped of the right to leave a legacy he wanted, he spent so much time working and had so many dreams to yet fulfill.  It was that moment that I realized I had to make something positive from his death, I had to honor him in a way that would make him proud and that through me he could leave a legacy of helping others since that was his best quality and purpose.  That was the day, the moment it  hit me, I was making a decision to make his death mean something that would empower me, not derail me. 

I spent a lot of time on that sofa thinking – years worth of emotions and processing.  But it was there that I realized the reason I could go on, be strong, be a mother, be a friend, continue to coach others on their life issues and choose an empowering meaning from this tragedy, was because I had invested the time into me.  I had built a strong relationship with me and that cultivated my strong internal self worth.  That strong self worth created resilience to handle the worst thing in my entire life.  This was the moment when I knew my mission was stronger than ever to help others create that same strong self worth.  It was the moment I realized bad things are always going to happen, we can’t control tragedies and hardships externally, but we can control them internally.  Meaning I still had a choice, and I loved myself enough to make that choice to be the best me I possibly could. 

I thought in order to honor Mike; I need to use my powerful story to show others the power of creating that strong relationship with you.  So Worthy Widow was born, and I am so passionate to help others to navigate through their own journeys of self worth, something as human beings we all share – a struggle for belonging.

Mike was my biggest supporter and cheerleader in my life and I know that he is so proud of how I have handled our children, our life, and myself.  That is how I keep going, that is what gives me strength, and there is nothing more powerful than showing up for yourself in a way that fully aligns with your most authentic self.  I hope I can have the opportunity to help you find that as well.  I commit to loving fearlessly and living fully for the both of us. XO

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