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Does time REALLY heal all wounds?

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2018

Time does NOT heal all wounds.  I’ve seen countless people who stay stuck for years and years in the same patterns and pain, you’ve probably known someone the same, maybe its even you.  Time passes; time can actually make you feel more bitter, more hurt, more helpless and alone. 

 But the space that time gives us if used properly can allow you to become self aware, create new outlooks, gain strength and wisdom.  Wounds don’t heal, not really, we learn to live with them, we reshape the meaning of them, we can become better from them, but they never completely heal over.  There is always a tender spot that if you touch can bring back the pain and the memories. 

 I’ve wasted a lot of time in my life, stuck in old beliefs, avoiding pain, shutting life outside so I didn’t have to really see myself.  As I did the work on me, really seeing me, I became more self aware, empowered, wiser, and more alive. 

 After my husband died, I felt like time stood still for months, frozen, then slowly thawing, time sped up but still slower than ever.  He’s been gone almost 14 months, yet it feels like years to me.  Maybe because I’ve never lived so deeply in my head, maybe it’s that one day without him feels like weeks, or maybe its that I have changed more this last year than ever before in such a short amount of time.

 I made a choice somewhere in this last year to LIVE FULLY, it actually feels more like a calling, a need to get out and fully show up, and that means using my time to get where I want to go, to seek the feelings I want to have.  So time ticks by, but I am less aware because the life I am building is full and fearless.

Time does NOT heal all wounds; awareness, intention, grace, and action is what helps us to heal.  So if you are waiting for time to pass by expecting that one day you will just feel better, think, are you using that time to go inside, face the sadness, shame, fear, doubt, are you really seeing yourself?  Are you making a choice of how you want to feel everyday, are you reshaping your world through that time inside in an empowering way?

Time is our most valuable resource, no matter what struggles or pain we are facing, we must use it to move forward in the direction we want, don’t stare at the clock or calendar thinking I will be better when.  It’s okay to take your time, we need to experience the time to be within ourselves, but what we are telling ourselves in that space will be the indicator of how we come out on the other side so as the knight says to Indiana Jones in The last Crusade, “you must choose, but choose wisely”

 Love fearlessly, Live fully XO

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